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Why DIY is Not an Option for Commercial Roofing Installation

There are a lot of home improvement and business improvement projects that you can tackle on your own. But we can’t stress the importance of hiring professionals for commercial roofing installation enough. Commercial roofing installation takes a lot of specialized skills and experience. Even if you have residential roofing experience, you run a considerable risk if you try to handle your commercial roof installation project yourself. 

It would be best if you worked with certified, licensed, and insured professionals. In the following post, Total Exteriors goes over the most critical reasons why DIY is not an option for commercial roofing installation.

Commercial Roofing Installation (Blog Cover)

Commercial Roofing Requires Different Materials

Again, even if you have been able to successfully replace a few asphalt shingles on your roof at home, that doesn’t mean that you are qualified to repair your commercial property’s roof – much less install one. That’s because commercial roofs typically have different materials. For example, you may want a single-ply roofing system, but do you know which specific type of single-ply roofing system will work best for your building? Do you know the essential differences between thermoset and PVC roofing systems? If not, you shouldn’t even be thinking about installing your commercial roof. 

Commercial Roofing is Installed Differently

Commercial roofing systems aren’t as simple as nailing shingles down. They are usually applied in rolls and come in the form of one-piece membranes. They can be adhered to the roof deck using specialized welding tools, and some can even be cold-applied. In any case, the work requires special tools and the know-how to use them.

Commercial Building Codes Change Frequently

Unless you make it a point to stay abreast of all the latest building code changes in Wisconsin, then you are probably not equipped to handle your commercial roofing installation job. Not only do commercial building codes tend to be stricter than residential building codes, but they change regularly. Even professional contractors have trouble staying on top of all the changes. And if you fail to adhere to these specific commercial codes, you run the genuine risk of incurring steep violation fees or, even worse, having your commercial property condemned. 

Voiding Warranties

You may have already selected all the materials you need for your commercial roofing project. Still, if you intend to do the work yourself, you will probably lose out on all those excellent manufacturer warranties. When amateurs install materials or even inexperienced “professionals,” assurances don’t exist. That means you will be on the hook if anything goes wrong with them.

Commercial Roofing Can Be Dangerous

There’s a good reason why professional commercial roofing companies carry comprehensive insurance: some commercial roofing jobs can be downright dangerous. When you are 2, 3, 4, or more stories in the air installing an intricate roofing system and lugging heavy materials many feet above the ground, a lot can go wrong. Professional contractors have the safety gear and equipment to keep themselves and their crews safe. Furthermore, any contractor worth their salt will have more than enough insurance coverage to cover any on-site mishap. When it’s just you and your roof, you are putting your safety and livelihood at significant risk.

Commercial Roofing Takes Time

Installing a new commercial roof or replacing an old one can be a drawn-out process even for professionals. Things like permit revisions, the availability and acquisition of certain materials, weather, specialty roofing systems, and third-party inspections can all delay an installation job for a professional contractor. But if you take on the work yourself, you can triple the time it would typically take for a professional to complete the project.

There’s a Better Way

Thankfully you never have to tackle a commercial roofing installation job yourself. You can call on us here at Total Exteriors for professional commercial roofing services at any time. We have the skill and experience to get even the most complicated installation jobs done on time and within budget. Call us to get your brand-new roof installed the right way.